Barry Michael

Barry Michael began his love of music and performing at a young age, singing on a Saturday morning show in Atlanta alongside his father. This was the mere beginning of what would eventually become a successful and promising musical career. After a small stint exploring the world of comedy, Barry began to realize how comfortable he was on stage entertaining people. Barry recognized that entertaining people on a comedic level was not so different from entertaining people on a musical level. This led Barry enrolling in the Atlanta Broadcast Institute. After graduating in 1997, Barry joined Atlanta’s BBS Television Station, giving him the opportunity to write, produce, act, and sing on his very own sports show. Barry’s newfound experience in performing and confidence with stage presence led him back into music. As front man for the Christian band “Altaration”, Barry was given the opportunity to write and perform his own music. This experience proved to be a great way for Barry to show case his talents. “Altaration” produced two CDs, with the second being a great success. One of the tracks in particular, “Undeniably You”, was featured in the film “The Forbidden Truth”. Barry’s involvement in “Altaration” dramatically raised his popularity in the Atlanta area creating the opportunity for him to meet Richard Chatham, the Executive Producer of Stockbridge Records. Impressed by Barry’s talent and charm, Richard quickly signed Barry to Stockbridge R...

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