There are at least two artists performing under the name Barth: 1. For his second album “Under the trampoline”, Barth would leave the confines of his bedroom and go into the studio, recording with Mike Pelanconi (Graham Coxon, Gregory Isaac) who co-produced the project. Result : a pop jewel , sparkling glints of surrealism, cut Jamaican style by an Anglo-Italian freebooter. In a fancy dress costume of his choice, lovingly put together after raiding his drawers. Bonnie Prince Billy’s moustache. Lee Perry’s moon boots. The supple, bouncy hairdo of Beck. The Gretsch of Rob Orbison. The side smirk and tights of Damon Albarn. Simply Barth. Barth likes football too. He’s remarkable in attack. 2. Barth made his first experience in electronic music with an Amiga 500 running an old tracker software. He started producing simple hip hop beats, but soon got into more abstract concepts and minimal technoid structures. Infected by the Jungle hype in 94, Barth began to explore this kind of music. The technically outdated Amiga was replaced by a PC and a sampler enabling him to push his sound to a whole new level. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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