Berman was an independent alternative rock band, which originated in Hollywood, Florida, USA, but for many years was based out of Orlando. Although they never performed outside of their home state, they released three self-produced, full-length albums in their five years together. The band prided itself in being completely self-sufficient and musically diverse within the modern rock genre, as well as providing a very energetic stage performance. In 2000, brothers Bradd Shapiro and Steve Shapiro performed with high school friends Mike Ferrara and Corey Melton. The band soon added Greg Hejja as a bassist, and began performing under the name Berman in 2001. After playing local gigs a few times a month in South Florida venues the group began taking their music a little more seriously. In 2002, the band began recording tracks for their debut full-length album. It was during this time that singer Corey Melton donned the fictitious name Guy Jettman. As practice and live performance became more important, the band found it necessary to part with rhythm guitarist Ferrara. In Fall, 2002, Greg and Bradd moved to Orlando in order to attend the University of Central Florida. Although the distance made practice more difficult, they continued to play shows, and finish the album. For The Better was released in January, 2003. The band held a CD release party at the Culture Room. After playing Orlando's Hard Rock Live on August 9, 2003, the band parted with lead singer Corey Melton, a...

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