Bermuda Acoustic Trio

The Bermuda Acoustic Trio are three guitar playing Italians that cover famous songs. A band composed by three musicians, that had already been publicly known by having played next to many Italian and international famous artists. The three musicians, Giorgio Buttazzo (guitar and voice); Gabriele Monti (guitar and voice) and Kamsin Giordano Urzino (bass and voice), first met in a lucky chance encounter, and since that moment they have been sharing their personal talent to put together an ensemble where the result coming from their cooperation is much bigger and higher than the simple sum of their single capacities. The birth of the band took place almost fortuitously: during the sound-check of a Pierangelo Bertoli’s acoustic concert, an Italian songwriter and singer they were leading on stage at that time, the audience felt touched and taken-in by the music they were hearing coming from their guitars. Something new and peculiar was going to start. The musicians, by their side, felt this too, and the sound check became, itself, a little concert. The Trio has been invited in Venice to play at the Venezia Suona and at the Festival Les nuits de la Guitare in Patrimonio (Corse Island, France). Sponsored next to Paco de Lucia, along with Jeff Beck, Buena Vista Social Club, Duo Assad and Robben Ford. They had a special concert with Stanley Jordan. Bermuda Trio have taken part of the Salento Guitar Festival, on stage with special guests such as Paolo Giordano, Peter Finger,...

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