There are several artists with the name Bernadette. 1) Bernadette Kraakman (Born 01-03-1959), is a Dutch singer from Volendam. 2) Bernadette Ryan from the UK. 1) Bernadette was a member of the children's choir De Damrakkertjes for six years. She could also be heard singing on the the record Daar komt Swiebertje (the theme-tune for a very famous Dutch TV-series). She becomes a member of the Fat Eddy Band and sang on the singles Let your body move it and Don't let it fade. In 1983 Bernadette represented The Netherlands in Munich at the Eurovision Songcontest with the song Sing me a song. The song, written by Martin Duiser and composed by Piet Souer, came 7th, with 66 points. After this not much more was heard from Bernadette. In 1985 she recorded Make it right with Eddie Conard. These days she is known for dubbing voices for animated movies such as Snow White and Teddy Ruxpin. Eurovision Song Contest 1983 The Netherlands (NOS) Performer: Bernadette Song title: Sing Me A Song Song writer(s): Martin Duiser Song composer(s): Piet Souer Sang in Position: 11 Final Position: 7 Total Points 66 After trying to win for many years, German broadcaster ARD could finally host the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest in the Bavarian capital of Munich For the second time since 1957, the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Germany, this time in the Bavarian capital, Munich. The presenter of this year's song contest was Marlene Charell who presented the performers in three languages, Germa...

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