Bernard Jones

Bernard began his musical background at the age of five, where his Grandmother and Aunt insisted on his classical training in piano. Growing into a musical environment… Music became second nature to this young man. He stayed in the midst of music throughout his scholastic career, and ended up studying percussion under the tutelage of University of Missouri’s Percussion Director, Chris Hollyday at age 15. Bernard Jones learned of the art of DJ-ing through the likes of local legends and he became such an apt student, that he began to surpass some in talent and technical knowledge in the art. From there most points become history, as Bernard began becoming involved with the Underground Electronic Music scene. Immersing himself into the culture wholly, Bernard began evolving his presence in the industry and began to study the established artists of the day. There were some that after meeting Bernard began to help him further his career. His music production is influenced by many sources and is shown in the diversity of his catalogue. Genre has no meaning to a true musician, and Bernard reflects that. He has done original work in many styles such as, Breakbeat, Intelligent Dance Music, Drum and Bass, House, Techno and every sub-genre in between… However his House Music is what he is known the world over for. He has been signed to Kolour Recordings, Funkfield Recordings, Lost My Dog, Left Hand Man, Muzique Boutique and Motion Music. By the time of the print...

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