Bernie Green

1) Bernie Green's career embodies the contradictions of space age pop. On the one hand, here is a typical worker on the assembly line of studio music, taking on whatever job comes next: musical director for The Garry Moore Show, leading the pit orchestra for years of Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, or conducting the a marching band for an RCA album (a task Henry Mancini and Ray Martin also took on to pay the rent). On the other hand, you have some of the most innovative and memorable recordings of the genre: More Than You Can Stand in Hi-Fi; Musically MAD; and Futura, perhaps the best of the consistently exceptional RCA Stereo Action series. It's a little like trying to resolve Mr. Stevens, the vice president of the Hartford Insurance Company with Wallace Stevens, the abstract impressionist poet. Unlike Wallace Stevens, though, little record remains of Bernie Green's career. He studied music at New York University's College of Fine Arts, graduating in 1932. Green quickly slipped a foot in the door of radio, which was just entering its heyday, and he spent much of the next two decades working on various network shows. His radio career culminated with the job of musical director for the Henry Morgan Show, on which Green was given a regular three-minute spot each show. Green wrote both original pieces and adaptations for these spots. Several of these pieces would later appear on his More Than You Can Stand in Hi-Fi album. He moved over to the television business in the e...

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