Berri Txarrak Berri Txarrak was formed in 1994. Coming from the Basque Country, they have released 6 records, with a constant evolution that mixes alternative rock, energy, punk, hardcore, metal and some amazing melodies. Singing in euskera (basque language), Berri Txarrak has become one of the best rock bands within the Spanish State's panorama. Their last two albums, called Libre© and Jaio. Musika. Hil were praised as best 'Spanish' (here meaning produced in Spain, but not in Spanish language) rock/hardcore albums in 2003 and 2005 by such important magazines as Rock Sound (now Rockzone) or Mondosonoro. Libre© featured a guest appearence by Rise Against singer Tim Mc Ilrath. Berri Txarrak love highly emotive, fresh and energetic songs with clever poethic lyrics not refusing to claim against every kind of injustice around and pro freedom of speech and thought. They have already toured through Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Nicaragua, Mexico, Catalunya, Taiwan, Japan... In late 2007, Berri Txarrak released Zertarako Amestu (Dream for what?), a documentary on the band's philosophy, tour-diary and recording process in black and white. The DVD also includes a special live show by the band in Gernika (Basque Country). This documentary won the Best Video of the Year Gaztea Award in 2008. In 2009, they signed up with the label Roadrunner Records and released they last album, Payola, recorded by Steve Albini at the Electrical A...

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