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The Berserk Postal Clerks, often reffered to as the BPC, were a local South Jersey (Mullica Hill to be exact) Ska band. Although never hitting it to the big time they are considered by all who knew them as true legends in ska. They have released 3 CDs the first of which was self titled, followed by We Suck and their newest album, released soon before the break up Record (ri-'kord). Some of their more notable songs include Oblivion, Killer of Amor, Mind's Eye, Skank to This and they best song by far, Remembering You. Many rumors have been buzzing since their break up as to a reunion show but nothing has been confirmed. Rumors say that one member has become a brodway actor, others have become recording studio owners, some stories even tell of some members working behind the scenes for other bands that have been more successful than themselves. Having played with other local SJ legends such as Fit To Fail and The Mall Punx, they have quite a reputation in the small town of Mullica Hill. And their legend still lives on in not only the hearts of many but in the local SJ ska scene where their song Remembering You is still being played by good freinds of the band. Their myspace and webpage links are below... and Also you can download all their mp3s from all their CDs at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Licens...

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