The haunting, martial and almost primeval beat that begins BerserkerfoX’s first cut from their debut record, History.Altar.Ashes intertwines with a guitar melody that rises like smoke before a stone-like riff plummets sharply, with malicious intent as a snarl rips through one’s skull like a chainsaw – it is this forward-thinking mentality that has won them legions of dedicated fans not only in their home town of Melbourne, Australia, but acclaim from critics and punters alike from all over the country and the world. in the US called their songs “A fiery masala of raucous and catchy melodic death metal licks.” Leading Australian metal webzine Metal As spruiked them as a future big name within the Australian metal scene” with fellow Aussies at the Metal declaring their melodic prowess and thrashy power a “winning combination.” The glowing reports are a product of their workmanlike approach to their craft. As a testament to their never-say-die attitude, they were signed to Ovis Records in late 2009, an independent label based in Norway with a penchant for underground music. The FoX have released two EPs and an album, all the while manning their own merchandise desks at their many gigs, meticulously recording and producing their debut record in amongst traveling all over Melbourne to play to enraptured which bang their heads with glee at their all-devouring approach to metal – a pinch of the classic sound melded with the blunt-ed...

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