Bersuit Vergarabat

Bersuit Vergarabat, formed in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the most important Argentine rock bands of the 1990s/2000s. After 2 albums of underground transgressive rock, the band started mixing it with Latin American rhythms such a cumbia, chacarera, candombe and cuartetazo. The lyrics, though, remained acid and critical of political and social problems. The current line-up is: Gustavo Cordera (voice), Juan Subirá (keyboards and voice), Carlos Martín (drums), Oscar Righi (guitar), Pepe Céspedes (bass guitar and voice), Daniel Suárez (voice), Alberto Verenzuela (guitar), and Cóndor Sbarbatti (voice and charango); previous members include Charly Bianco (guitar and voice) and Rubén Sadrinas (voice). Honoring the psychiatric hospital José Tiburcio Borda in Buenos Aires, La Bersuit performs dressed in characteristic pajamas; even though the story of Cordera spending some time in that institution is a mere urban legend, the band has an affinity with everything related to madness and marginalization. Besides the big success, first in the Buenos Aires' underground movement and then in all the country, Bersuit Vergarabat harvested fans from many countries in South America as well as in Spain. Discography * 1992 - Y Punto * 1993 - Asquerosa Alegría * 1996 - Don Leopardo * 1998 - Libertinaje * 2000 - Hijos del Culo * 2002 - De la Cabeza (live) * 2004 - La Argentinidad al Palo: Se Es, Lo Que Se Es (double) * 2005 - Testosterona ...

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