Berthmark, is the persona of Irish Singer Songwriter Mark Joseph Parsons. A multi instrumentalist , Fun Loving Romantic writer of Folk/Rock and Blues told through a story telling Tongue. You got to tell a story, don’t you.? , he says. ​ During his school days, he learned how to play the thin whistle and bodhran and over the years that followed, he went on to teach himself other instruments. The guitar took his heart, but writing short stories was a huge passion of his from a young age and as soon as music took center stage in his life, he began turning his stories into songs, bringing them to life. This particular method was the perfect fit for him, as he found his feet and he has been writing this way ever since . At the age of 16, he saw an add in a local newsletter about an act looking for members for a Folk group. He applied and later was invited to join that Senior folk group in his local church. They played regularly at mass sittings and it was there that he gained valuable experience with the more experienced musicians, while mastering his own unique style of playing. ​ A few years later he set up his own junior folk group and taught other younger kids how to play and sing, This is something that is very close to his heart and he still continues to this very day. As a youth worker through Foroige he encourages, supports, advises and produces all kinds of music for kids. ​ Previously he had played on the live circuit, Fronting many bands in different styles of...

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