This artiste is the epitome of what the roots of reggae music is all about. Armed with a barrage of strong and prolific songs this youth is as refreshing as the rivers running through the cool St Andrew hills where he hails from. Born Bryden Bescenta Wilkins, Bescenta is a product of the above rocks district in the St Andrew Hills, birthplace of another reggae great Nadine Sutherland. This youth has the ability to create very socially conscious songs that immediately relate to the mainstream. He is a voice for the oppressed with soul soothing melodies that are as haunting as they are unforgettable. Bescenta is a one in a million artiste and a youth that will rightfully take his place in the dancehall with other great acts who preceeded him. Ambition never ends with the first hit song. The pursuit of excellence is the driving force behind reggae artiste Bescenta, who is a rare combination of intensity, quiet confidence and humility. He is a man who has the courage of his convictions, and who is sticking steadfastly to his mission of universal peace and love in the world. Born Bryden Bescenta Craig Wilkins on April 12, 1975, he grew up in the Salisbury Plain area, close to Stony Hill in St. Andrew. He attended Almond Hill All Age, then Oberlin High, before graduating from St. Andrew Technical High School (S.T.A.T.H.S) in Kingston. Immediately after high school, he learned the electrician trade, and to support himself, even did odd jobs like painting houses. I can even...

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