A Swedish gothic rock-oriented metal band, Beseech started out in Borås (near Gothenburg) in 1992, and after creating a demo, they became involved with the underground scene. In 1995, they recorded their first album, ...from a bleeding heart, but due to the label having financial problems, it was not released until 1998, under the label of Metal Blade. In mid-2000, they released their second album, Black Emotions, and from that point, their career took off. The next albums, Souls Highway (2002) and Drama (2004) showed that the line-up changes affected the music in a way that many liked and others criticized. In 2005, they released Sunless Days. In autumn of 2006, the band announced that Beseech would be put to rest for good: We have grown apart from each other as persons and we have different views of how we want Beseech to work as a band. In 2007, Beseech's Web site announced that their members had formed two new bands: The Mary Major, which contains 6 out of the 7 band members, and Those We Don't Speak Of, with the remaining band member. A NEW BEGINNING (2014-) This year 2013, is the ten years anniversary when the “old” era of Beseech was put to rest. Klas Bohlin, one of the founding members of Beseech decides to leave the band to focus on other musical challenges. Still good friends through the years, Klas Bohlin and Robert Vintervind the original composers in Beseech started to talk about playing music together in some way. After some successful jams their new ma...

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