Growing up in the middle of the music scene in Bandung, especially in Death metal scene, has inspired BESIDE to form a Hardcore band. BESIDE was born in the middle of May 1997, in the suburb of Bandung, Indonesia, in a place called Ujung Bronx, born from a big community called HOMELESS CREW. At this place too, they also spend most of their time, discussing about music, developing a scene, or just perfecting their idea about music. Also in this place, there’s a plenty of Death Metal band or any Hardcore musician that influencing each others, and finally create some masterpiece work, that enjoyed and being loved by so many people. Such as JASAD, BURGERKILL, DISINFECTED, FORGOTTEN, INFAMY, DINNING OUT, THE CRUEL and many more. Through the time, BESIDE music had go through many process and changes and then meta-morphing into a more progressive. Maybe the main factor that cause the change was because there’s a substitute change happen in the band’s line up. They’ve started the band at beginning with playing New School Hardcore music, influenced by New York Hardcore bands, and European Hardcore scene, and until now there’s a very significant change in their music. The influence that came along with the new personnel, like Arch Enemy, In Flames, Soilwork, Dragon Force, Iron Maiden, All That Remains, Malevolent Creation, and so much more was really enough to create a very strong sense of Metal music. Vocals : Owang Guitar : Hin-Hin agung Guitar : Ichad Bass : Paneu ...

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