Bess Rogers

Brooklyn-based indie artist Bess Rogers has had a lifetime fascination with evolution. But it wasn't until 4 years of nonstop touring and three independent releases that the science of life began to creep its way into her songs. Her new record, aptly titled Out Of The Ocean, is a bold step forward for Rogers, and one that she has been eager to take. Raised in a musical family (her mother played harpsichords that her father built), Rogers has been living and breathing music since she was 6 years old. After earning a bachelors and masters degree in music composition from SUNY Purchase, she began a steady routine of recording and touring in support of her own music and as a back up singer and lead guitarist for indie-pop artist, Ingrid Michaelson. During a rare few months off this winter, she decided to hibernate in her Brooklyn home and write a new record. In between working on the songs, she picked up a book called Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin. The book is about our evolution from life as far back as pre-historic fish and microbes and how that has affected our bodies and our lives now. It really grabbed me and I found myself a bit obsessed. I started to look at everything we do in life as a product of evolution, and many of the songs on this record were inspired by that idea, says Rogers. Produced by Chris Kuffner (Ingrid Michaelson's Girls and Boys) and recorded partly in a Maine farmhouse studio owned by Sam Kassirer (producer of Josh Ritter and Erin McEown) and p...

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