Best Enemy

It happened the way like mass media used to feed the world with stereotypes, it showed us the PUNK as an enemy of society moving, which moves against society, being always aggressive, displeased, non-respective to the social surroundings. Punk is not just protest sign. In the first place, PUNK is an IDEA, which keeps positive grain. The Best Enemy is ideologically extremely acute social, sounds pretty melodic and pretty forceful. So it looks like the punk, like the best enemy to everyone, is positive enough, fury enough, clearly focuses on problems of society and speaks about it aloud, using their music to make the people eyes open. The Best Enemy story begins in Moscow 2006, when guitar player Vanidos (Zuname, ex-Give'Em The Gun) and drummer Dima (both the Youngsters remains) caught up Dimik (guitar player, 20 000 Emozombies), singer Chester (Invisble Border, 20 000 Emozombies) and Pechkin as a bass-guitar player. By this staff the first demo DEMOnstration Of Our Style (DIY) `07 was recorded and released in January. In this year we played mass of shows, like the first Music Of The Streets festival and next Year we played at the same festival in Ukrain (South Punk Fest'08). As it used to be, everything changes, and we had to change our drummer, so Kirill from Nogie Winne-Puha became out new drummer, which plays on our next record –a split CD with Mass Murder (SPb.) released by Karma Mira/Space Rebel in 2008. Next band release is split CD with our friends Nogie Winnie-Puh...

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