Bestial Mockery

The year of 1995 two deranged fucks in Uddevalla, Sweden, Master Motors?g and Warslaughter, got to know each other and eventually they understood that something had to be done to unleash their mental illness. Bestial Mockery was formed as a wicked idea, but more soldiers were needed before battles could be won and Master knew two sickos that would fit perfectly; a drug addict named Jocke Christcrusher and a huge metalpunk named Micke Doomanfanger. But that was too evil to be true and it was. Christcrusher left both Sweden and Bestial Mockery before they could record their Battle Promo 96, thats why it only includes guitar, vocals and drums. Anyhow since most avoided them as the plague they also had to record their first demo called Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw as a three-piece band. It was not until the fall of 97 and by the way just two weeks before their first gig, that Master during a conversation concerning rape understood that Anti-fred-rik would be a perfect session-member. So he stayed with them for three gigs and then quitted. During this time they also composed the track Possessed with Erection and opened for their goatpals Lord Belial. Replacing Anti-fred-rik was the pale and skinny Fjant Sodomizer, an old brother of drunkenness who stayed with them in the trenches for half a year. In early 98 they were told that it actually existed someone stupid enough to be willing to play bass with them, namely Sir Torment. With him they recorded their second demo in spri...

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