Bestija changed name into STRANGER AEONS on 28 April, 2009 STRANGER AEONS @ Last.FM Prog On! BESTIJA started as a band playing a mixture of classical and modern rock – a seemingly inexistent genre that could only be titled alternative hard rock. This genre is embraced in BESTIJA’s debut EP “Insane in Madness”. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2007, but self-released only in the beginning of 2008. The EP was intended to have four tracks (in both – Lithuanian and English –languages), an intro and an outro. However, at the very last moment of the production, the band decided to add a bonus joke song “E.M.O.” as homage to the earliest days of the band. Despite the band’s dislike of it, the song is still a fan-favourite during the gigs. Although only distributed during the gigs or digitally via the internet, “Insane in Madness” caught attention of rock music fans. Positive reviews of the EP appeared on several internet sites and magazines, thus gaining the band an even wider audience. Soon after the self-release of “Insane in Madness”, BESTIJA decided to do what they always wanted to – make their music heavier, edgier, more complex and progressive. Band members dived into the depth of strange harmonies, complex song structures, longer compositions, heavier guitar riffs and twisted solos, thus giving birth to a mound of new songs. A sudden rush into the recording studio resulted in two promo tracks – “White Noise” and “The Master”. The...

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