Beta Chicks

Beta Chicks is: Adam: Drum Machines, Synths, Aux Percussion Clint: Bass, Backing Vocals David: Drums, Drum Machines, Backing Vocals Johnny: Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitars Jon: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Electric Piano Formed from the ashes of several prominent bands from northern Utah in September of 2008, Beta Chicks wasted no time making big waves in the local scene. Infusing a love for electronics that recalls the new wave of the 80s with the earnest honesty of 90's alternative, all bonded with the sweeping melodies of modern pop. The result is a heavier version of The Killers; a sexier U2; a Depeche Mode without the gloom. And the feeling is infectious. After a debut performance that was recorded for a local record company showcase in January 2009, booking Beta Chicks became a matter of public demand, who received a dozen show offers within a matter of weeks. In three months the band's intense live performances gathered them an unprecedented amount of popularity for their college town; to such a degree that they found it difficult to take time to enter the studio. During their time away from performing, they retreated to the studio to record their debut LP, Input Launch Code, which was released in May 2009. In support of the album - which would sell out of its first printing in three months - the band embarked upon inter-state concerts in support of national touring acts. During this time, they would share the stage with multitude of stylistically different acts, ...

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