Beta Plus Embryo

New York's Beta Plus Embryo coalesces heaving grooves with hypnotic soundscapes to create an experience that delves deep into the darkness of human existence while searching for universal truths. Drawing musical influence from such diverse acts as Cocteau Twins, Skinny Puppy, Joy Division, and The Melvins, Beta Plus Embryo has creatively developed a distinct and versatile sound, complex with emotion that appeals to a wide range of psyches and tastes. With driving clockwork rhythm, sonically robust and brooding melodies, teamed with entrancing vocals – that weave seamlessly from angst-felt to haunting – Beta Plus Embryo's sound is said to be a reminiscent combination of iconic acts such as My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hum, Siouxie and the Banshees. “As a band, we approach everything very democratically, so our process is inherently organic. Each concept comes from a different place or experience, and it surfaces in every element of our music. The result seeks to provoke thought while gripping the listener with something that is natural and real.” REVIEWS: Beta Plus Embryo find themselves on the frontier of an emerging progressive rock/shoegaze movement that draws just as much influence from bands like Kyuss and Tool as My Bloody Valentine and Failure. Years ago we may have deamed such a mixing of genres as 'space rock,' but Beta Plus Embryo differentiate themselves with lacerating electronics and forceful vocals. Ethereal Vocals soar over self-awa...

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