Beta to the Max

Electronic music duo, Beta to the Max, is the 8-bit equivalent of a happy acid trip, combining innocent nostalgia with dance party fever by fusing the chiptune sounds of vintage video games with modern house and electro influences. Born in 2009 in the darkest basements of a Los Angeles art school, Beta to the Max is the disturbed but enthusiastic love child of composer Bob Allaire and music technologist Steve Rusch, and is the final culmination of a chance meeting that occurred when Bob inadvertently stepped between Steve and a buffet table. A wide array of tools including modified video game systems, custom built hardware and software interfaces, and a beautiful keytar and MIDI guitar contribute to their unique sound, while custom built light shows and projections engage their audiences at live shows. Their debut EP, UPC_EP, fuses addictingly hummable melodies with funky bass lines and driving beats. A heavy performer on the CD is a modified Nintendo Entertainment System, which mingles with other synthesizers, electronic percussion, and slick production for a dance experience you won’t soon forget. Party on. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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