Formed in 2007, Betaplayer is both the antithesis and the epitome of Hip Hop music. Originally, the intention was to form a band capable of creating a soundscape that focused on Hip Hop while not being bound by music genre. Guitarist Neil brings his influence of blues, rock, and metal to the table. While drummer Flip Wilson (who is also an emcee) brings his influence of “boom bap” beats from Hip Hop’s Golden Era and the relentless attitude of punk music. On bass, Aloe uses a style that is derived from his appreciation for rhythm cutting (a technique used by Hip Hop DJs) as well as the aggressive attack of heavier music. On the keys, D-Dot’s notes weave intricate patterns using the dexterity gained from playing classic rock tunes with his father. The band has two resident emcees, Ibrahim and Pax, in their arsenal. Ibrahim is a sharp-tongued, multisyllable master whose style is similar to lightning striking the same spot with every beat. Pax is the enlightener whose imagery of political injustice and the struggle within our nation are captured by his calculated flow. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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