Beth Dariti Combining the permeating musical influence of her childhood with her fierce passion and finely tuned ears, Beth Dariti writes with nostalgic observance, composes into spaces unknown and plays instinctively. Guitarist, singer-songwriter native to Athens has found her voice and path in London. Beth was born and raised into an artistic family, so there’s no surprise that the multi-instrumentalist has continued the trend in her family. Since she picked up her guitar at the age of ten, there are few occasions that you will see her without it. Few of those notable times will involve her playing bass in Adrian Roye & the Exiles, led by her long-time friend and band mate. (This summer (2011) the group recorded their debut album in the US with producer Michael Chorney, who garnered critical praise for his arrangement of Anais Mitchell’s ‘Hadestown’ released last year (featuring Justin Vernon and Ani DiFranco on guest vocals). After seeing them play live at the 12 Bar in London earlier this year, Chorney invited the band to record at his secluded home studio in Vermont. Beth’s album “In-Between” is available to buy online now. New EP out soon! “Someone who definitely knows how to make a guitar move; competently, she combines a pulse-style beat of percussion plucking with a free-flowing and soft spontaneity. “ –Wears The Trousers Magazine Read more on User-contributed text is available...

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