Beth Preston

A unique rootsy folk rock style with a touch of reggae on the side. engaging. the energy of Ani DiFranco and vocals similar to Fiona Apple. “ ~G.Schwind, . Not to say that she's not down to earth- if you see her play, you know that what she's sharing is real. There is no effort to impress in her presence- only to express herself with primal resonant vocals, and lyrics that not only pull the heartstrings, but also carry a strong positive message. Born in 1982 to passionately musical parents, she started playing guitar and piano at a young age, and was greatly influenced by the pulse and beauty of her environment. Discovering the music of Jeff Buckley and Ani Difranco in her late teens introduced Beth to a new definition of music and poetry, and she was writing songs and performing by the time she was 18. By 22, along with the release of her first EP, Great Big Wave, she had completed a national tour of Australia with roots-man Xavier Rudd, where she continues to tour, and gain support, along with the likes of the United States, and Canada. Beth's first full length album, Inside Fire, was released in November of 2006, a melting pot of musical genres, with newly found influences in reggae, groove, and percussion coupled with her folk-blues roots. In her live performance, Beth Preston is explosive and dynamic, bringing a full-bodied presence and enthusiasm. She continues to source new wells of inspiration that show in her music, continually striving to pr...

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