Bethany Brooks

Texas -to-NYC transplant, Bethany Brooks has been singing since she could talk. With a strict religious upbringing, (think Footloose!), she lent her inherent vocal talents to church hymnals and took many stylistic cues from opera, jazz and musicals throughout her youth. She also studied clarinet and piano in her formative years. During college in West Texas she studied social work and musical theater... but grew restless quickly. Always a bit of a rebel and a dreamer, she knew she was destined to move on! A New Yorker now, inspired by the beauty, freedom and madness of urban life, Ms. Brooks takes her natural talent to center stage with a unique blend of American roots, country and folk rock. An instinctual songwriter, Bethany only recently began to develop this side of her talent. As evident in her live shows and early recordings, Brooks’ signature anthems resonate with fans for their soulful yet light hearted and conversational qualities. She easily expresses emotions musically through her wide vocal range and playful style. The Bethany Brooks band has an impressive resume itself. Tim Kochanski, Brooks’ lead guitar player and muse, is the glue that put it all together. Kochanski has been playing guitar and writing songs for16 years. Justin Braun, bass guitar, Mike Pace, Pedal steel and banjo, and Matt Brundrett, drums, are experienced rockers in their own rights. Brooks’ current demo, “self-titled” features 5 original songs recorded at Melody Lanes in Will...

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