There are two bands named Bethor: 1. Black metal from Greece; 2. Black metal from Serbia 1. Greek Bethor was formed in 1993, released one demo and two splits. Also participated in Pretenders to the Throne compilation. 2. Serbian Bethor is a straight forward black metal band. It started as one man band and released several albums,until it grown into a full line-up and,and recorded a complete tribute to Bathory called The Return Of Darkness And Evil with guests contributions such as Tristessa from Astarte,and Alexandar from Svartgren. Band members: Bethor (Vocals,Guitars,Programing), Vermis (Guitars ('06 - present), Uros (Drums ('05 - present), Alexandar (Bass (..09-present) Discography: Amitra Demo, 2001 Jevanjdjelje Po Mikici Demo, 2001 Bewitchment of Mortal Agony Demo, 2002 Demogorgon Demo, 2002 Demogorgon Full-length, 2004 Potonja Full-length, 2006 The Return of Darkness and Evil (A Tribute to Bathory) Full-length, 2007 Promo 2008 Demo, 2008 Promo DVD DVD, 2009 Fuck You All Split album, 2009 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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