Beto Cuevas

Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo (Santiago, September 12, 1967) is the former lead singer of the now-defunct Chilean rock band, La Ley. He grew up in Montréal, Quebec, and is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. He was Born in Santiago, Chile, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. His family moved to Montreal, Canada to escape Pinochet's dictatorship. During a 1988 trip to Santiago, Beto met La Ley’s drummer, Mauricio Claveria. The drummer invited Beto to join the band, which had just seen the departure of two of its founding members. Beto made his singing debut on the band’s first full-length album, “Desiertos”, quickly becoming the voice of La Ley. Shortly thereafter La Ley released its first big-label album, “Doble Opuesto,” which featured a cover of the Rolling Stones “Angie”, a huge hit that propelled the band widespread notoriety. Since then, Beto Cuevas has been one of the main creative forces behind the band, writing and singing all of his tracks. Many band observers credit his early years in North America as the greatest influence in La Ley’s sound, which is unique among Chilean and Latin American bands. Beto Cuevas is recently on hiatus from La Ley and is working on new material for an upcoming solo disc. Beto has also been working on some small musical projects, including the song Loud which is a collaboration with Masters At Work, released in 2006. He also recycled the song Mentira, which was originally featured on the La Ley MTV Unplugged,...

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