Betray Of Oriana

Betray Of Oriana was originally formed in the year 2006. Francisco (vocals) decided to form a band to play songs of his favorite bands. By that time he knew some friends like Francisco (guitar) that shared the same passion for music and asked them to be part of the project. Time passed and some members were changed. The band was evolving from its original purpose; now they wanted to go further. They wanted to create their own songs. A lot of members had to change for this to happen. Finally by the beginning of 2008, they were ready with the actual formation. Diego (drums) joined the band by that time too. Felipe (guitar) and Daniel (bass) were called to be part of the band when they left their old ones. The band thought they were ready but could feel something else was missing. They needed a melodic singer to give their powerful music a bit of emotion. That's when they found out that their old friend Matias (vocals) was returning to Chile after his year in the United States. Now the band was complete. The process of creating songs was long and difficult. They had no experience before, but their will and joy of doing it was strong enough that they persevered. That's how their first EP came to life. With lots of practice and dedication, their songs came to life. They went to record at Take The Stars Studio and in a month the EP was ready. This is only the beginning for Betray of Oriana. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA ...

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