Betray the Emissary

In 2002, guitarist Gavin Marchbank (17) and drummer Craig McGregor (16) formed their first band with their best friend and bassist Andr? Scholtz (17). They recruited a good friend, Dean Moreau (16), to accompany Gavin as a second guitarist and began working on music right away. With only a garage and practice amps to play through, the four decided on the anagram, N.E.M.F, as the band name and would continue to scout for a vocalist. Dean would later leave to pursue alternative musical interests and the band would undergo a series of member changes before meeting Dane Canterbury (15) who possessed a rather unique vocal ability for someone his age. Unable to find a second guitarist the four-piece began working towards their first set. Through frantic searching for contacts in the live industry, they were able to meet 2 brother-bands that would prove invaluable in their careers as musicians, Hell For Leather and My Shade. In late 2004, Andr? made the difficult decision to concentrate on his career in computer science and the members had naught for a bassist. The search was over before it began when their good friend Bruce Cunningham (18), a guitarist for Hell For Leather, undertook the task as bassist. N.E.M.F gigged with that line-up for a period of two years achieving mild success in the Cape Town underground scene. What ever notoriety they might have achieved was owed to their live performance, as energetic and entertaining as to be worthy of international status. However, ...

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