There are 5 bands playing under the name Betrayed. 1)Betrayed were a straight edge band who played fast and aggressive Melodic Hardcore. The band was made up of Champion guitarist Aram Arslanian on vocals and drummer Todd Preboski, as well as former Carry On members Todd Jones (guitar) and Greg Bacon (bass). Their debut ‘Addiction’ EP, released in 2005 on the Bridge 9 label, features six addictive straight edge anthems. In 2006, Betrayed released a split EP with Champion on Rivalry Records with 3 songs on it. In 2006, the band called it quits, after only two years and just recently releasing their Equal Vision debut Substance. 2)A thrash metal band from Chile, formed in 1988. They released a demo named ‘our option’ in 1989 and a full-length named ‘1879 Tales Of War’ in 1990. Their lyrics are about the war of the pacific (1879-1884). They are still active today, take a look: 3)A black-thrash metal from Germany, formed in 1996. Released a few demos and splits, EP and MCD. 4)A hardcore punk band from the Philippines who existed from 1986 to 1987. Betrayed was formed in 1980 by three High School friends in Queens, N.Y. They were Eddie Siojo (vocals), Dave Vote, and Steve. The name of the group was taken from a lyric from the song “Rough Trade” by Stiff Little Fingers. They recorded 4 songs (which ended up on compilations in the US), before Eddie leaves for the Philippines. It is now ...

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