There are several artists using this name 1. A thrash metal band from Norway 2. a power metal band from Canada 3. A death metal band from Poland 4. A blackened thrash metal band from Indonesia 5. A deathcore band from the United States 6. A death/thrash metal band from Raanana, Israel 1) A norwegian thrash metal group formed in 1989. They published their only (ep) album World of Chaos, in 1993. The band broke up 'cause geographical distance between the members was too high. - - Betrayer - Edge of Insanity Rune Hamlot - Guitar Anders Kristiansen - Drums Kay Steinar Egerdal - Vocals Hermod Danielsen - Guitar Jonas Solberg - Bass 2) Traditional/Power metal band from Windsor, Ontario Canada Jeff Klingbeil: Guitar/Vocals Bill Lozon: Guitar Norm Michaud: Bass/Backup Vocals Shawn Bastien: Drums/Backup Vocals Webiste: MySpace: Albums: Rusted Icons (2001) Shadowed Force (2005) 3) A Death metal band from Poland Death Metal: Genre(s) Death Metal Lyrical theme(s) Anti-christian Origin Formed in Last label Status Poland (S?upsk) 1989 Apocalypse Productions Split-up Last known line-up Piotr Berial Kuzio?a - Vocals, Bass (ex-Vader, Slaughter (Pol)) Wojciech Molly Moli?ski - Drums (Condemnation (Pol), Mortify (Pol)) Marcin Ryju Rojewski - Guitar (Mortify (Pol)) Ripper - Guitar (Slaughter (Pol)) Former/past member(s) Maciej Northon Maciejewski - Guitar (Condemnation (Pol)) Mariusz Morri...

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