Betsy And A Ukelele


Betsy and a Ukelele combine a lighthearted musical approach, dorm room inspiration, and tongue-in-cheek humor to create the toe-tapping, guffaw-inducing, world-peace-bringing sound featured on 2007's The Wind Down Woo, 2008's U is for Ukelele and 2009's EP bil3rabi. Betsy began ukelele after a finger injury in high school made the guitar rather difficult for a few months. Once on the college scene at Denison University in central Ohio, inside jokes, road trips, and Sunday afternoons inspired many of the songs that are now on release and destined to melt the hearts of the world. The Wind Down Woo features 13 tracks, opening with the boisterous, danceable “Orange Drink,” celebrating that favorite beverage from Sunday school, elementary class parties, and service trips. The album then entreaties individuals to avoid the “Awkward” situations that anyone on a college campus undoubtedly experiences on a regular basis. It’s not all goofy fun’n’games, though, with “Tuvalu” heartening long-distance couples and anyone who has a soul with its lilting tune and “awwww”-inspiring lyrics. “Fricken Love” expresses hope for losing weight on a new dieting approach you’ve probably never considered. “The Goodnight Song” may just be the lullaby of the 21st century. You will want that special someone to croon you to sleep with this tune until your dying day. U is for Ukelele opens new territory while remaining true to the simple, heartfelt sound of The Wind Down ...

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