Bette Dillinger

Assassin's Hand Bette Dillinger Release Date: November 23, 2009 Diluvian Productions Available throughout the wild, wild web (itunes, Amazon, etc) contact: [email protected] Summary: A dark hypnotic journey into fear and lunacy. Various songs develop the theme of the Dark Divine in different ways. Sounds as diverse as Alice Cooper, trip hop and traditional music combine to make the ultimate Hipno (tm) record done by Bette as of this writing........hope last fm can upload the songs.......go to and become a fan or listener for songs and visit the updated, revamped website on the 23 for a strange new psychedelic experience. Assassin's Hand Track Listing: 1)Black Widow 2) Father and Gun 3) Death Wish 4) Private Eddie 5) Clockwork 6) Journey 7) Carousel Woman Blues 8) Andy Warhol Died Alone 9) Sugar Skull 10) Exit Plan Influences during production: Oedipus Rex, Lorca, B the cat, Stanley Kubrick, Santa Muerte, occult symbolism, Dia De Los Muertos, isolation, alienation, macabre humour, Charles Bronson, Jean Harlow, Theda Bara and War in Heaven. Oh my webmasque friends please listen to Bette's tale. Bette found herself, on her first visit to Earth, in your year of 1934. Creeping past a movie theatre, she spotted an advert for a movie with a woman who appeared to have chaos dancing in her bulbous eyes. Looking closer, the name on the poster was “Bette Davis” and the movie was “Of Human Bondag...

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