Better Off Tomorrow

With a well-blended mix of pop, emo, punk and some catchy piano, Better Off Tomorrow set themselves apart from most one-genre bands. Portraying an edge along the lines of many Drive-Thru bands, B.O.T. delivers a hook-filled pop/punk sound packed with three-part harmonies, high-energy presence and piano riffs catchy enough to please any ears. Containing former members of the punk/pop quartet Courtesy Flush, B.O.T. has reformed, regrouped and has been writing new material for a few years now; some songs of which have debuted on the EP currently available. After recording through summer 2006, at the Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, KS., Better Off Tomorrow is proud to present Lets Say All the Things We Never Said. The 7-track EP, produced by David Chutka (Motion City Soundtrack, Brandtson, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower) hits ears everywhere Dec. 2006. The album is currently available through Smartpunk and has been consistently ranked within the Top 20 Albums on since its debut. With much anticipation of the release came a new era of live show energy fueled by the ever-growing team of established friends, fans, and followers of B.O.T. in the Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene. If you like catchy tunes fit enough for jumping, dancing, hugging and kissing, then Better Off Tomorrow will make sweet, sweet love to your ears, time and time again! Keep your eyes peeled for new music and Tour Dates at a TOWN NEAR YOU!!!! Read more on User-contributed text is av...

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