Bettie Ford

Bio Hey all you drunken bastards and beautiful ladies! It’s the year 1998. The Backyard Babies just released their milestone „Total 13“, Turbonegro created THE album of their career, „Apocalypse Dudes“ just to take a 5 years break later on. Bands like Gluecifer or Hellacopters reanimate the long lost spirit of rock’n’roll by refueling him with some dirty, hellfyred gasoline and people started to listen to the music of bands like Stooges, MC 5, Thin Lizzy or AC/DC like it was meant to be: loud! Right in this year, it was the month of May, 3 totally insane Madmen, as different from each other as they could be, came together at a Guitar Wolf concert (you know, those mad japanese) at the Underground, Cologne and decided to start a rockband, because they thought (after seeing the performance of Guitar Wolf) it actually couldn’t be that difficult. Those three fine gentlemen, named Steini, Lipski and Henseler each picked an instrument they wanted to cling to, one time drums and two times guitar, so that the the only thing needed left to do, was to find a bassplayer and a singer, which would be able to withstand the high standars of the fantastic three, i.e. being absolute beginners. The place of the bassplayer was given away relativetly fast to Mr. Rock Vegas, who neither had touched left alone played a bass in his entire life before, but looked like the younger brother of Mike Ness. So he made his rocket career off the couch, away from girl and TV and into the ban...

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