There is more than one artist with this name: 1. BETTY is an alternative rock group from New York City. 2. Betty (ベティ) was formed in July 2005 by 勇 and たら. 3. A Belgian TV-personality that released some singles like Gek op jou and Boys, boys, boys. 4. A U.S Hard/Psych band from the 70's. 5. A female singer-songwriter from Mexico, was a member of the 90s pop group Voces. Released the album Alma Desnuda in 2005 on Univision Music 6. An Armenian Junior Eurovision 2014 representant (full name Elizabeth Danielyan). 1. BETTY is an alternative rock group from New York City, The group originated in Washington, D.C. and traces its lineage to a birthday party for Dodie Bowers (the original owner of the 9:30 Club). The band's harmonies and unique lyrics attracted a cult following in the vibrant alternative music scene and among gay/lesbian audiences. A BETTY Rules t-shirt, an early marketing item of the band, appears on one of the AIDS quilts. In the late 1980s the band relocated to NYC. The name of their first album, Hello, BETTY! comes from the standard opening for all their appearances. In 1995, the band expanded by adding lead guitar and drums to the initial line-up primarily of vocals with electronic accompaniment. Betty appeared in every episode of the 1986 HBO Series Encyclopedia, singing educational songs each centered around a particular word, as well as performing the opening and closing theme songs. The members involved were Alyson Palmer/Amy Ziff/Elizabeth Ziff...

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