Betty and the Boy

Betty and the Boy were originally set into motion in late January of 2008, after Joshes move from Oregon City, Oregon to Kalispell, Montana in late 2007. Not long after the move, Josh became acquainted to Bettreena via Myspace, who had just begun reacquainting herself to the Kalispell area’s music scene. Soon after formally meeting and exchanging musical ideas at various music events and open mics, they decided to officially begin writing and performing their original material collaboratively. Without ever discussing or settling on any genre or style of music they intended to perform collectively, both of their original approaches to writing and composing music emitted a very sincere modern folk, country sound. .. Josh Harvey has undeniably been exposed to music throughout a history of family gifted with endless musical capacity. Both his mother and father and grandparents wrote and composed their own original material, as well as performed with bands and ensembles. His grandfather, a profound fiddler is one of his foremost influences in folk music, and inspirations to the craft. Although bare to the influences of music all of his life, Josh began playing guitar and singing at the age of nineteen. Now at the age of twenty-five, he has accomplished educating himself with various instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, banjo, mandolin, and some harmonica. .. Bettreena Jaeger or casually know as none other than ‘Betty’ has also been exposed to the performi...

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