Between The Waters

Descended from such acts as Lush, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths and The Church, and further informed by brooding songwriters Polly Jean Harvey and Kristin Hersh, Between The Waters plays in the intersection of Dream Pop, Jangle Pop and Folk Rock. Pop-sensible song writing and substantial lyrical themes are housed in a soundscape of texture and sensuality, an almost tangible sonic space where style and content carry equal weight. The band is pleased to release Connection, their first full-length CD, in October 2004. Eleven songs (plus a bonus remix) explore the search for personal identity by comparison with various relationships, underlined by examination of the past to make sense of the present. The CD is mixed by Matt Brown of Trespassers William (Bella Union Records), who adds a surrealism which brilliantly compliments the subject matter. The Between the Waters record was a true pleasure to mix, says Matt. It's a treat to work on music that I would also listen to as a fan. Between the Waters recalls the best of the darker 80's bands like the Cure and modern day sirens like Natalie Merchant to create a sound all their own. Formed in May of 2002, Between The Waters is comprised of five Pittsburgh , PA music-scene veterans. Guitarist Christine Sacramento, bassist Anthony LaCava and violinist Tanya Kavalkovich collaborated for years in The Garden, one of Pittsburgh 's most successful and long-lived ethereal acts. Tanya was also a member of Underflowers and Isabelle, and is st...

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