Between The Zones

Between The Zones is an industrial and ambient rock band from France, created in 2005 by Gom as a purely industrial project but turned into a band in 2008. The actual lineup consists of Gom (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Ontoum (guitar), F-RaiD (drums), Nico (bass) and in© (keyboards). The main influences for the band are a mix of bands and artists, primarily Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Black Light Burns, Isis, Joy Division, The Cure, David Bowie, Kurt Harland and The Information Society, Collide, Massive Attack. The BTZ project was born in december 2005, in Montpellier (southern France). The first songs were instrumentals, released for free directly on the internet. A lot of these songs were tributes to the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver soundtrack, composed by Kurt Harland, and BTZ gained its first notoriety with the covers of the Soul Reaver 1 & 2 themes. An LP was released in 2007 with all of these first songs : Enter Slack. Between became a more collective entity in avril 2008, with Ontoum joining the project. The two decided to design a new sound for BTZ, and the EP Rough was released in september 2008. After having completed the band with F-RaiD (formerly of the band Hyphen with Gom), Nico and in©, BTZ began its rehearsals. The first BTZ concerts started in march 2009, and in june the band played at the MontpellYeah Rock Festival, opening for french bands Kiemsa, Mudweiser and Marto. Between The Zones 2nd EP as a band is expected for september 2009. It shoul...

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