Beverly Frederick

The soulful chants on Beverly Frederick's best known CDs IN THE ARMS OF THE WILD and THROUGH THE DARKNESS range from Gospel & Blues to Celtic, African & Kirtan . Frederick's music drops us down into that part of ourselves that remembers our roots . Whether wild or serene, her chants, songs, bhajans & Celtic Faerie Ballads take us back to our connection to the Green Earth, a place of deep magic, humility, gratitude and transformation. the harmonies...the stark beauty of Weaver Weaver, Starhawk's song for crossing over, brought tears to my eyes. The truly remarkable thing is that most of the chants are of the simple, trance-inducing sort that can really focus intent, and yet, woven together with the inspired violin & harp solos, and Frederick's signature percussion, the whole recording lulls you like a soundtrack into another world. With Every Breath is Sacred, Round the Tree of Life We Go and Companion of the Earth, it's as if you've slipped off into the wild with the Faery Queen herself singing to you. Frederick has directed the WisdomWay Center on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2003. She traveled for decades co-weaving Circles, Communities & Spiral Dances with Starhawk & Reclaiming all over the planet, but especially in her former homes in New England and the Northern California's Redwoods. She is a yoga therapist & has also created a CD of gentle therapeutic yoga called YOGA THERAPY, Pain & Stress Relief for Every Body as well as an ambiant music CD, SEA SUT...

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