Ste Keyz, Musician and Producer. In the beginning we were creating our music. As a young prodigy Ste's obvious talents shone through from an early age. Nurtured and encouraged they grew. As Ste's journey continues, this artist known by many names lives to create music that reminds him of what it was to sit at a new instrument and listen. Starting out as a multi instrumentalist Ste over time progressed into music production and co-writing, He has an understanding of sounds and music that is way beyond his years. His outlook remains bright, he loves to have fun with his music and doesn’t take himself too seriously, always creating with his tongue firmly in cheek and even sometimes stuck out at the world. Once you've been to some of those places, you think, How can I get back there again but make it a little easier on myself? His unique journey has inevitably shaped his perception of music, making his individual interpretation all the more interesting. His Unique abilities have opened up many opportunities for Ste to share his talents with a long list of clients including....... Chipmunk, Jamie T, I blame Coco, DJ Vadim, Estelle, Sistaz, Jamie Scott, Jon B, Shaznay Lewis, Blue, Jamelia, Grand Master Flash, LSK Discography Dj Vadim - You Can’t Lurn Imaginashun Dj Vadim - That Lite (lil stemix) Alice Russell - Living the Life of a Dreamer (lilstemix) Alice Russell - Got the Hunger? (Dj Vadim remix) Mr Day - If I can’t love you (Butterfish Black remix) Lingo Scott - ...

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