After composing several 80-minute instrumental albums between 2003-2006, Dustin Beyette took on a new rock sound with the 14-song, experimental alternative rock flavored/fully vocalized production, Change. The first publicly available offering was the first single, Million-Faced Man which was released internationally as well as locally in Beyette's hometown of Portland, ME in 2008. For the album, Change, Beyette wrote, produced, performed electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, programmed the drums and made his first attempt at singing on all but two tracks. Beyette is featured on the shelves of Bullmoose in southern Maine and worldwide on all the world class online music stores, which can be seen on Beyette's official website, The latest 9th album, Growth is a entire new sound that will, according to Dustin Beyette surprise, shock and soothe many. It was released on August 27th, 2014 in a new format too big for any physical format, so it was released one song a day in a 365-day plan and was cancelled after releasing about 20 songs on October 9th, 2014. is the only place on the internet that still has songs, lyrics and track listings of Growth. Band members and an incomplete list of collaborators to date: • Josh Kanter - Guitarist/Songwriter, performing guitar on numerous tracks of upcoming Beyette album, Growth, Kanter also performed guest guitar on Dustin Beyette's album Noitatide on a track called Thirteen. Dustin has produc...

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