There are multiple artists under the name Beyond : 1) Beyond is a revolutionary Hong Kong band that emerged in the mid-80's. Young and energetic, the four-piece band showed the Chinese audience that music can be much more than just pleasure to the ears. Beyond sang about freedom, strength, and love. Certain songs (Glorious Days and Amani) are even specifically dedicated to war and peace happening in other parts of the world at the time. The band's frontman Wong Ka Kui fell to his death in June 1993 but Beyond continued until 2005. The remaining three members now have individual projects. 2)A Death metal band formed during 2010 in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. From 2008 to 2010 they were known as Shapeless. They play in the old school death metal style of American and South American bands such as Necrovore and Mortem. They have released a demo Relentless Abomination Vortex in 2011 on Detest records, a 7 EP, Enter Transcendence in 2012, and a full length LP Fatal Power Of Death in 2013, both on Iron Bonehead productions. Roland M. (as R) on vocals & guitar is the only remaining original member. They are active. Official facebook: 3) During its brief (1988-1989) bright lifespan, New York City’s Beyond made hardcore the way it’s supposed to be made: loud, fast, aggressive, and bristling with youth angst spinning wildly out of control. Either you’re too old to appreciate this, or you’re not. Fans of the NYC youth crew scene ...

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