Beyond Absence

Brazilian sound artists Mauro Longordo and Gustavo Caldas begun exploring the concept which was fully solidified in their duo recordings (Beyond Absence) in 1995, when both experienced what they call a musical identity crisis. In Gustavo's own words: “ My friend and I came from a very traditional musical background: bossa nova, jazz, classical, progressive rock, etc… After 10 years of exploration, intense listening and dialogue, we realized that a lot of what we played and dedicated ourselves to in the past was music we “had fun” playing, felt excited about it, but would not listen afterwards. I myself wanted to strip away elements which prevented me from achieving inner peace, at the same time maintaining a lot of the “harmonic mist” that I still feel so attracted to.” A breakthrough occurred around the year 2000 when they stumbled upon a recording of Suleyman Erguner , a master of Turkish Classical music. Their understanding of intensity and its relation to silence dramatically changed since then Both live with their respective families in Massachusetts, USA. Check out their website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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