Beyond Death

Beyond Death is an unsigned/independent thrash metal band from Buffalo, N.Y. Beyond Death formed back in 1986 with founding members vocalist and bassist Alex Webster, guitarist Jack Owen, and drummer Darrin Pfeiffer. They recorded their first 3 song demo “A Slice of Death” which took notice in the late 80’s underground metal scene. After their first demo that was then when Frank Lombardi joined Beyond Death as their second guitarist. Frank also shared lead vocals with Alex. The now four piece exploded into the local scene in 1988 with their next demo entitled “Yuk Fou”. In 1989 Alex and Jack departed ways from Beyond Death and were fortunate to team up with recent disbanded members from Tirant Sin. That fusion created the now legends of death metal, Cannibal Corpse. Darrin and Frank kept Beyond Death together however until Darrin moved on to play for local hardcore band Zero Tolerance and later joined ska giants Goldfinger. Frank moved to the hardcore side and played with No Alibi and other various metal bands. By late 1989, Frank decided to try and continue Beyond Death once again and he sang and wrote most of the songs. Frank found a new bassist; Jason Coryer. After no luck in finding a new drummer, Darrin came back to fill in part time and played a few shows as well as help to record another studio demo. The hunt for a drummer finally came to an end as Frank and Jason found Bill Rogala who came from another local band called Guillotine. Beyond Death was toget...

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