Beyond Fatal

Beyond Fatal is a Brutal death metal band from USA. They formed in 1998 by Adam Reed (Drums/Vocals, also in Disseverment), Matt Glaser (Vocals) and Jason Vrboncic ( Former Bass). The band, in their early years, survived three line-up changes in order to produce their full musicianship. They self-released an album Symphony of Dying Cries in 2001. This lead to a signing with Bloodsoaked records for the release of Sanctuary In Misery in 2002. The band then added second guitarist Jeff Bowers and replacement bassist Dave Morgan to release their 2006 album The Demon Eulogy, this then lead to dave morgan being out and Joe Becker utilizing him as bass/vocals. This was in time for their latest release Universal Diabolical by Compton Records. The band have opened for bands such as Suffocation, Misery Index, Soilent Green, Beyond The Embrace, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, Caliban, Mortician, Circle Of Dead Children, Watch Them Die and Into The Moat. However, recently, the band have released a blog on their official myspace explaining the difficulties of each band member and have decided to close Beyond Fatal for awhile for a unkown-timed hiatus. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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