Beyond Mortal Dreams

bandcamp • facebook Founded: 1992-1995 (as Suffering) - 1995-1999, 2003-present Origins: Adelaide, Australia Genre: brutal death metal Record Label: Lavadome Productions Band Doomsayer • Guitars / Vocals Bloodspawn • Guitars Ghuul • Bass / Backing Vocals Maleficus • Drums Biography Beyond Mortal Dreams has existed in the Adelaide/Australian metal scene since the mid 90's, carving up slabs of death metal through their early live performances. Unstable line ups have plagued the band for some time throughout their history however, forcing the entity into periods of hibernation. Determined to never give up, founding members Doomsayer (aka Pahl Hodgson) and Hellaeon (aka Matthew Butt) brought back to life the beast with an unquenchable passion for dark and savage death metal. During the 2000's BMD brought forth two demos PROMO 2004, and The DEMON AND THE TREE OF THE DEAD (2006). Joined by Ghuul (Bass/vocals) and Bloodspawn (Guitar), the band had brought their sonic savagery live, sharing the stage with many great Australian and international acts. In 2007, just before the release of the debut album FROM HELL (2008), Hellaeon had decided to depart from the ranks, leaving BMD without a drummer for some time until 2010, when Maleficus had come to join in the savage beating of the skins. Content to operate as a recording band only, writing and recording took place for the follow up to FROM HELL. The result - 2012's DREAMING DEATH ep, received by many in the underground as...

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