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MySpace Facebook Twitter Beyond Other Dimensions, so called B.o.D, was founded in Joutseno, Finland, in the year 2005 by Joonas Talka and Aleksi Nieminen. Joonas and Aleksi started playing music by listening to a few of their favourite artists, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Judas Priest and so on, and practicing on those band's songs for a time. After taking up the music and founding their band B.o.D they've faced a few member changes in the band as some wannabes or even more talented ones have came in and then quit suddenly. The band has went through a couple of years finding their own musical style and making their own material with care. The band recorded their first demo at the end of the 2007 in Joutseno and experienced a tough member loss as the drummer Jussi Pentikäinen quit the band after hitting those amazing drum beats on the demo. The band found a replacer for Jussi as Kalle Ollikainen joined the band in the beginning of 2008. The band recorder their second demo in MD-studio in Helsinki and pushed a real turbo drive in their music. The songs were faster, tougher, more thrashier, more progressive, harder and more kicking ass! But unfortunately, again, they were lacking a drummer as Ollikainen decided to move away from Joutseno for personal purposes in the summer of 2008. Then after a silent period after Kalle left the band, they composed more new stuff and continued finding new drummer... after some time they changed in the same episode, as Lassi Valtonen came in fo...

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