Beyond The Pale

There are three bands with this name one from Texas, a celtic influenced acoustic quartet, from Durban South Africa, a melodic deathcore band and the other is a Toronto-based Canadian world/roots fusion band. Beyond the Pale, South Africa. Beyond The Pale Bio : “Beyond the Pale” (idiom): means to be outside the agreed standards of decency. Beyond the Pale formed in January 2008. 6 musicians from a variety of different musical backgrounds joined together through the common goal and purpose of producing energy driven heavy music . The band draws a common influence from a wide variety of bands including Parkway Drive, Chelsea Grin, Children of Bodom, All shall Perish, Devil wears prada and many more. From a song writing influence, the inspiration resides largely in the deathcore subgenre incorporating characteristic breakdowns and vocal styles. Beyond the Pale attempt to bridge the gap between deathcore and hardcore subgenres appealing to both fan groups. As the alternative scene in Durban is heavily weighted to hardcore music, Beyond the Pale has benefited from the hardcore market. Due to the intense brutality of the band, they have also enjoyed the metal following they have acquired. The South African scene is currently lapping up deathcore bands and Beyond the Pale have found themselves in the middle of it, creating and performing their own unique brand of deathcore at a professional level. As much as Beyond the Pale enjoys the virtuosic side of metal, their attitude ...

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